Jippy yeay another chemo day!

Finally I can shout 4,3,2,1!! Get used to this cause I’ll write it every time I can tick one chemo treatments of the list! Only four rounds to go!

I was now expected on Wednesday to go to the hospital. Last week the doctor and I arranged it so I only have to stay one night in stead of two. Win win situation for the both of us! But since I have that bladder infection I was quite nervous wether or not I was going to receive the treatment. Also i was going to have three different chemos like I was supposed to every three weeks but my body decided differently the last two months as you all know. Also one of those three bags was the new one of which hopefully I was not going to have an allergic attack like the previous one. Quite a battle ahead of me I figured, but I was ready, until!!! Until they told me they had to put a damn bladder catheter again to cleanse my body for 12 or 18 hours. I honestly have to say that that kinda spoiled the party :-). It took some time before we knew that my blood was good to receive the treatment so the bladder execution was postponed a bit but to my great regret not cancelled. And so it began. I was relaxed, everything was under control, sweet nurses etc. But then one of them came to explain me that the alternative chemo was going to be given over a period of one hour instead of four hours as foreseen. I had been already nervous knowing that I was going to receive chemo which could possibly also give me an allergic reaction so I listened to the doctor who did the allergic tests last week very well. I told the nurse very politely that to my recollection I was on a hyper allergic schedule with preparation (pills at home), cortisone during the treatment and over a period of four hours with cleansing of 12 hours afterwards. I took her by surprise hahaha! But they are so sweet, seriously, so she went to check it again by the professor. She told me that he took that decision because, so far they had not yet encountered issues with giving this bag of chemo over an hour. Didn’t they learn anything over the last year, I wondered? :-), i told them before, Nele never comes without a surprise 🙂 Djezus!! Eventually of course I complied and luckily it all went smoothly.

I figured I was going to feel good enough as I did after the last couple of treatments but unfortunately I didn’t. They were not representative of course. I had forgotten that actually I hadn’t had a heavy treatment like this one since some time because lots of weeks had been cancelled due to my blood and allergic reactions. Man did this treatment hit me hard! Still now on the third day where I feel just a bit better, my body is empty like a bottomless bucket. I take two steps and have to rest. So that is what I do, I have no other choice. My friend Jo was here to visit me this morning and made the comparison with a marathon. Well although I never ran a marathon, I do know what physical exhaustion is and I can only say that you can’t compare it i guess. The only thing maybe, that those two things have in common is that you can never give up if you want to reach your goal. So that is what I do, I never give up. I follow the rythme of my body (although I’d wish I was in Leuven right now with my friends during this nice weather). Calmly and steadily and take care of it first. And that is ok, this is my road, and it is leading somewhere. And then I will drink this beautiful bottle of Cava Jo brought me. I enjoyed his company this morning. It matters. I will drink it, but not now, but on a very special occasion. (And not what you all think it is going to be hahaha that is a surprise for later)

1 thought on “Jippy yeay another chemo day!

  1. We tellen samen af. Dat je er maar snel en goed van af bent!
    Alles op je huidige eigen tempo, dan komt dat zeker in orde!

    Keep up the good spirit!


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