Jippy yeay what a good day!

On Sunday I had a really good day. Thanks to the medication for the nerve pain and the antibiotics that seem to do their job. The night wasn’t really good as usual. I sleep two hours and have to pee and the bladder infection hurt me. But thanks to the new stent it also got a lot better and less painful now. I’m trying to get in a good night rythme again after that visit to the emergency shook it all up. Because I sleep so bad I try to be very strict in my ‘sleeping rituals’. This time I needed a sleeping pill to fall asleep. I never took a pill like that that so it worked well. I was all groggy until 1400hr the next day. High on sleep :-). You can imagine, how much more bullshit I sold that day. But my mind was all over the place. I had truly a mental diarrhoea! Sometimes meditation helps and I fall asleep but sometimes it is hard to find that calm spot and relax the brain. I took the pill for two days and then it got a bit better. On Sunday when I woke up I figured I’d try to exhaust my body physically a bit. I used to do sport which made me healthy tired and sleeping was never an issue so that was my plan for today.

I took my morning tea outside. It became a bit my way of waking up since it got warmer. It seems like I have been inside my house for the last year so I need the outside. The sun was already shining a bit so I enjoyed that. Dressed of course like an frozen Inuit because even in the sun I, Nele can be cold! It all takes some time to wake up and put my mind in my positive vibe.

As I was sitting there drinking my tea, I checked my garage. I figured damn what a mess! Half of what is in here can be thrown away. So I slowly started to clean up. Calmly, the pace is a lot lower than a year ago. I mean you have to imagine it in the right way. A good day for me means being able to do several small things in my house but not immediately one after another. So I take something and put it on the pile that it belongs. And then after some piling I take a bit of a rest. I call it the grandmas rhythm. And actually I must say I like that pace :-).

Then I saw my racing bicycle standing there all dusty. I won’t race yet but thought it would be a good thing to patch it up a bit again. So I washed it outside the garage. It still needs a general reparation also. Already dreaming of maybe riding it again. Even if it is not for racing. I became slow anyways.

But then I continued my garage again. I was on the roll!! And then I enjoy it to the fullest. At a certain moment I opened up my militarily trunks. You know, those green, big trunks, very useful to put stuff in but extremely annoying to carry. Lots of old shit in there. Working material for the garden, old military things and some sports equipment like my tennis racquet, my racquetball racquet, my shoes for my racing bicycle, ping pong pallets, my baseball bat and golf club. Yes I basically did all the sports you can imaging :-). I played softball and baseball for a couple of years in Leuven and I loved it. We used to play on the military terrain where my current working location is. That is cool, all the nice memories I have from baseball, I relived them every time I passed by that field while running. But anyway as I saw the bat and the club I really felt like playing. I miss the squash enormously. I thought maybe I can just hit one of the small plastic golf balls I have. That way I can’t break anything or only my greenhouse or the window of my neighbours garden shack. Whatever, i wanted to hit a ball. Always loved playing with balls, i miss playing with balls :-). So I first took the baseball bat and hit about two balls. What a feeling!! Then I used my golf club but wanted to try with a real ball. Hmmm dangerous but still worth a try! I put my ball on the tee. Checked the corridor of trees and my greenhouse and … didn’t hit it!! Of course I didn’t! Golfing is lots of exercise but still I wanted to try again. I wasn’t thinking much (as usual) but I thought of only one thing they thought me on the ‘start to golf’ that I followed about seven years ago or longer. It was together with my mom and we had so much fun. Balls and clubs flying all over the place. Hahaha but what I remember from those lessons was The swing! So I swung. The club hit the ball on the perfect spot. It flew perfectly perpendicularly away from me. Hit the tree right in front and I then lost it in my jungle. My friends, honestly that was a golf orgasm!! I am still enjoying that perfect sound and seeing that ball fly! I played with balls again! What a great day!

I quit cleaning up my garage. Enough is enough but then Kirsten came to visit. She is one of my oldest military friends and since the beginning of this whole story a great supporter of me. It is always fun having her around. She has the same sort of humour and when we were together in the army we were no match for any guy who wanted to try us out, giving great pleasure to us as well as to the spectators around us. Many of them wanted but failed to have the courage hahaha. She came by to visit but also to hand me over her medal and certificate of participation for ‘Stand up against cancer’. A yearly event that is held in Belgium and does fundraising for the research on cancer treatments. She drove her bike for 127km in one day, untrained. She is crazy, always did things like that. But I felt honoured she did that with me in mind as well as her mom who is also in a similar situation. Thank you Kirsten. But she was not alone. Two other friends I have did similar events. One of them Barbara ran 40 km!! And then she and Elke also participated this bicycle event that Kirsten did. They are my heroes! Thank you all for that.

After Kirsten left, I cleaned up my kitchen a bit (I still had some energy left) and looked back on my day. Almost no pain, good weather, some cleaning, a great visit and a golf orgasm. What would a person want more? 🙂

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