It’s a bumpy road

This week I wanted to scream from the top of my longs: 5,4,3,2,1. Unfortunately it turned out I have to wait another week to sing that heavy metal song. On Tuesday I got up and all was ok, until noon when suddenly I started to feel cold. I rolled myself into a blanket like a caterpillar into its cocoon and did some couch surfing. If championships couch surfing existed then I would be world champion. But it wasn’t normal to be cold that way since it was a nice, warm day. Everybody was hot except me. So I took my temperature, 37.9 Celsius. I kinda figured it was going the wrong way. My friend Katrien came to cook for me that evening and the good thing is, despite my high temperature, I did still eat very well. I always eat well luckily! When she left, I took my temperature again and it had risen to 38.8 Celsius. Damn!! That meant I had to go to the hospital. Last time I waited to long to go and doctor Kobe gave me a stand. Hope he is there again hahaha. But he was right. It is just to dangerous to wait when I have a fever. Still I didn’t really want to go so I send a message to Saar telling her that I had a fever of 38.3 Celsius. It’s so ridiculous of me. I knew Saar would send me to the hospital anyway but that I needed that little push so I adapted my temperature a bit hoping she would say: “Oh that’s ok, stay at home, take a dafalgan (painkiller) and tomorrow it’ll be over.”, but knowing it would make absolutely no difference to her wether it was 38.8 or 38.3 and she would still send me to the hospital. Sometimes I can be such an idiot. I just figured I had to be in the hospital anyway the day after for my chemotherapy, so why bother.

Once arrived at the emergency with mom we had to wait. The word emergency gets another meaning at times like that. We arrived at 21.15, I got to see a nurse at 02.30hr and I was finally in my room at the oncology department at 03.30hr. I had to wait there for five hours on a hard chair before I saw a doctor or anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, I have spend hours waiting on hard chairs in the army and it never bothered me but I can honestly say that this is a slightly different situation. My body was so tired and I was in pain. When the doctor then finally saw me he excused himself for the long waiting hours but he has to follow hospital protocol and wasn’t allowed to see me immediately. All good doc, happy you are here, can I now slap you? Once it was my turn they were immediately very sweet to me as always. I got a bed and a pillow and a blanket. My blood and pee was taken and also an x-ray of my longs.

The following morning I got the results and it seemed I have a bladder infection again. That was where all the pain was coming from. A bladder infection! I should have known! Probably because they changed my stent a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know. Even the professor told me they didn’t really know where it came from. Honestly I was sort of relieved that it was my bladder because then I knew I didn’t get an infection from anyone. I’m very strict in my touching policy, such as giving hands (I don’t do that), kisses (I don’t do that), not going to public places and so on. I am allowing some hugs since some weeks now because I unbelievably miss human physical contact. It has been a year since I actually touched someone. The hugs make all the difference. You realise how important hugs are.

But the consequence of this all is off course that we have to postpone my chemotherapy again with a week. I saw my treating professor that morning. It had been some time since I had seen him because he does his tour to see his patients every Wednesday and I always had chemo on Thursday. He told me I was skinny but I assured him it was not because of not eating enough. He kinda smiled at me (he actually always has a smiling face) and said, (he was probably thinking of my discussions with the dietician): ” Ah yes the name Tahon rings a bell everywhere”. It was not quite with those words he said it but it had the same meaning. Aaaaaah famous, notorious and known at UZ Leuven! I have reached my goal 🙂

But this week I really wanted to be able to say: “yeah 4,3,2,1, to go!” Sadly it is still 5,4,3,2,1. It’s ok, you learn to let go quickly and get back on the wave. I’m very happy I did go to the emergency and it is ‘only’ a bladder infection. It can always be worse. Two days on antibiotics and I feel already a bit better.

Up to next week and hopefully without surprises 🤓

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