Second Round

Tuesday! Damn preparing myself to start again is hard. I wasn’t completely ready yet. But ok there is no other option. This treatment is a treatment of 18 weeks of chemo every week. I get two chemos that attack the cancer cells and every three weeks medication of molecular therapie or as the professor calls it: targeted therapie. This third bag of medication blocks the oxygen access towards the cancer cells. It has already proven some effect and use. Very interesting!

This time I can loose my hair. The chemo destroys rapidly dividing cells like cancer cells but unfortunately hair cells are apparently also fast. Not that I have ever noticed that on my hair, I always found it growing to slowly hahaha. But there is a system that could make you keep your hair that they use here in the hospital. My hair is not the most important thing but since I have my short combat hair that I really like, I want to keep it a bit longer. The nurse told me that it doesn’t work with everybody but at least I can try. The rest of my hair I will loose, my eyebrows, my eyelashes, my furry body hair 🙂 and all the other hairs you can imagine hahaha. Talking about toe-hair here guys! You perverts! 🙂 But anyway the system is that helmet of which I laughed the previous time when I saw the lady next to me wearing it. I told her then that she could come and join the army with such a flashy helmet. It cools down the hair-bags and cells so the chemo doesn’t reach them. There is a possibility that my hair wil become thinner or falls out. But that is not a big issue.

I have to keep it on for three hours. It was pretty funny the first time. I was still adjusting to the cold on my head due to my haircut and now I had to put a freezing helmet on my very sensitive head.


Isn’t it wonderful! Hahaha But damn did that hurt the first time. Major brain freeze. I thought I wouldn’t be able to endure that for three hours but after a while it became durable. Still happy to take it off though 🙂

So I get three chemos every three weeks and the two other weeks two. I have to come to the hospital the night before so they can take my blood and give anti-nausea medication and the day after I get the bags of chemo. This time I am not bothered with a bladder probe so I’m a little bit more comfortable. The cooling cap is three hours and the two bags two hours.

Saar brought me an accessory to wear. So today during my second chemo I am wearing it so everybody can see what a lovely princes that I am. 🙂 I just miss my magic wands.


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