The Ferrari


Again it has been a while that I wrote. Off  course this was because I wasn’t in the mood to write. The thing is, after my brachytherapy when I was home I started to have this bladder infection. actually it was already there before the brachytherapy and was one of the reasons, together with the fever and low white blood cells that the brachytherapy was postponed with one week. Apparently having a bladder infection after such kind of treatments is not abnormal. After all they are doing all sorts of things down there and my body just says: enough!

But around week two, it got so painful that I went to the doctor to get something. It was hurting my whole body. The bladder pain went all the way in my back, my belly and upper legs (on te side). When going to the toilet, every muscle that is located around that bladder would tense. Speaking of a free workout for your abdomen. At least I didn’t lose those muscles thanks to that :-), but I don’t recommend that workout! Sometimes it would hurt so much that tears came to my eyes, not to mention my neighbors that every time I went to the bathroom, they probably thought someone was being tortured in my house.

The main issue for me however was that it was keeping me away from doing what I wanted to do: recuperating as fast as possible en get back to doing sports. IN MY FACE!! My bladder had absolutely no intention of complying. So the doctor prescribed me antibiotics. A little bag of powder. I was so happy to feel the pain relieved a bit. I thought everything was going in the right direction. However, this seemed to be the deux chevaux of the antibiotics because it was driving, but didn’t really take any speed and broke down a couple of times along the way. It definitely did not reach the finish line. Week six after my brachytherapy I went to the doctor again (he saw me quite some times during that period) and told him to give me something stronger. So he prescribed the Ferrari of antibiotics for bladder infections.

I must say, now after tree weeks of driving that Ferrari (I was supposed to drive it only ten days, but it didn’t close the deal either), I am so disappointed in the Ferrari! See what it did was, taking away all the pain, which is a very good thing. Not only do I not have to get up around twenty times a night to pee, or I was just awake due to the pain, I start to be able to sleep better. I do realize that I am writing this at 4AM but falling asleep is still a problem. During peeing everything started to be normal again. It is heaven when one can pee without pain, you have no idea! The funny thing is that now that that pain is gone, I feel the pain of the stent in my ureter again. I had stopped taking the painkillers for it because I didn’t feel that pain anymore. It was overshadowed by the bladder pain. I am actually happy to feel that stent pain again haha! But the thing is, the Ferrari is not reaching the finish line either. I still hope that after this last box of antibiotics the annoyance I still have will be gone. Either way I want to quit the antibiotics because it isn’t good for you either.

Two weeks ago I had a rough moment. Not because of my illness (which is gone already I hope) but because I was so frustrated that my expectations of being physically fit again by now were not met, due to that stupid infection.


Today my head is ok again. Like I said, I am still annoyed massively by that infection but my mind is back on track. I am ready to conquer that colony of bacteria. I will start moving more again physically and make my body strong. That way they will die!

You are probably wondering why this is so difficult to heal. It has all to do with the radiation. You see, the internal radiation is still doing its work. That is why I don’t have results of my treatment yet. The hospital is only taking a scan in January because taking one now or some weeks ago would not have been representative. So because this radiation is changing the DNA of the cancer cells, things are still going on inside my belly en that makes all the cells weaker and not strong enough to fight an infection there. Also the stent is still inside going from my kidney to my bladder. Strange material in the bladder is also detrimental for the infection. They will only take that stent out when everything is back to normal inside.

I am starting to have enough of this Ferrari.


If after this box of pills the bladder infection is not gone, I start to drive the Rolls Royce!!


3 thoughts on “The Ferrari

  1. Was thinking of you when I was peeing…goed dat je de zaken voor iedereen in perspectief kan zetten😉…veel toi toi en stillekesaan terug opbouwen!

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