Fourth time, good time!!


Today is Thursday morning 0400AM. As usual I wake up early here. Not because I sleep bad, but just because I didn’t do anything active and I’m not tired anymore (for the moment). I find it the perfect time to write a bit.

This Tuesday was my fourth chemo round. Again it wasn’t going to be a smooth one. I came to the hospital and installed myself on the bed that I was assigned to. Not much later Dr Kobe (the young doctor that I like) passed by. The first thing he said was: “Mrs Tahon, what re you up to every time?” I told him:” Actually doc, I had hoped for a lot more this weekend hahaha”. He explained me that they needed to check my urine again before giving the GO for the chemo. Also I had a reduction of white blood cells and if that gets to low, they don’t give it. Those white blood cells protect us against infections so that is a very important factor in chemotherapy. Then they took my temperature and I had a slight fever which is also not favorable for getting chemo. I got a little bit nervous because of course I wanted to have it. No time to waste to kill that beast in me!!  So a lot of discussion going on between the doctors (I was not apart of this) before the decision was taken that I was good to go. Happy me!!

It all had to be started at top speed now because my radiation was planned at 1600 and by the time the decision was made it was already after lunch. The chemo absolutely has to be given BEFORE the radiation and at the radiation department they are not very flexible to change timings for people. Since I go there every day I understand, it is like a city administration, so many people coming in and out to get radiation. It is unbelievable! The nurse went to get it herself downstairs to not waste any time and get the party started! I got hooked on my first bag of cleansing fluid and then immediately the chemo. They came to get me for the radiation but the chemo still needed a little bit of time and the nurse managed to gain eight more minutes. Holy cow, I felt like at work. I was so excited 🙂 Decisions made, actions taken! Wonderfull!!!!I was enjoying it all!! Before I knew it, I was back on my room for the rest of the cleansing.


Then the assistant of the professor came with Dr Kobe and two more young doctors. She also told me: “Mrs Tahon, every time something new with you hé.”  Eh, what can I say..the name is Tahon hahaha.

The problem was that I got an extreme high fever that evening, not feeling well at all. I had three of my lovely girlfriends to visit and I wasn’t able to see them long because I felt so bad. That fever was a problem. Before doctor Kobe had examined me again and found nothing unusual. Also the last weekend I didn’t have any symptoms of fever or pains or whatever. Ok I didn’t take my temperate every day, because I didn’t feel like I needed (got a look from Saar that said it all). I was already very proud of myself that I had especially bought a thermometer before the start of the therapy. And I already took it out of the box yes! 🙂 But anyway I got a Dafalgan and then the fever started to descend more and more. In the morning I had good temperature and it stayed like that. Nevertheless the assistant wanted to find out where this fever came from so she ordered an echo of my kidneys again. Sometimes strange materials in the body cause reactions. Or maybe an infection or so popped up. I saw her in the evening again and she decided to keep me one more night for observation. The echo of my kidneys was good. No infections and the stent is in good position, also the bladder is ok. My blood was also taken from my arm and portacath during the night when I had the fever, because sometimes infections can come through there as well. The blood was all good. I didn’t mind at all staying here another night. I feel safe here and taken care of. I have full confidence, they don’t take any risks and do further research if they are not sure about something. Very professional.

So today (Wednesday that is) I had a very good day. Of course no more tubes because the chemo was done and so also no bladder catheter. That make life easier :-). I didn’t have a heavy head like this weekend so I was walking around more today and that felt good. Soooooo this is the way the coming week needs to continue now! I will not take any TTA (typical Tahon action) this week, I will keep it calm but acceptably active. I hope that by next week my white blood cells are multiplied again and are enough so that I can get my final last chemo.

Another funny thing is that every time I had my chemo it seems to be going better. I hardly have any effect of the chemo. On Wednesday I feel really good and strong not tired at all. So now I’m thinking that maybe the radiation has more impact on my fatigue than the chemo. Tomorrow I shall be able to evaluate! Interesting!

Oh and I had very nice lady next to me this time. 50 years young and positive like me. She has ovarian cancer and started her chemo two weeks ago. We were laughing a lot. It was very funny at a moment where the nurses put on a sort of cap on her head that was attached by a tube to a machine. I had seen women with that already but had no idea what it was. It looks kinda ridiculous but apparently it is a sort of a cooler that cools the hairsacks on your head to 8°C and so the hair roots and sack tighten up and the chemo doesn’t go there. It as thus a machine that prevents the hair from falling out. The theory is actually so simple It’s amazing! I told her she could join my unit like that because my boys also wear helmets that resemble hers (it is in the color kaki can you imagine hahah) and showed her a picture. She was laughing!!


This is what it looks like and I showed her that foto hahaha

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