A late ‘intermediate evaluation’

I wanted to give a small update last week around Thursday or Friday because I was over the half of the treatment (external radiation and chemo, internal radiation is the next step). This is a significant moment I thought. I had gotten three chemo shots 🙂 (I call them shots now because I get a little bit high in the head when I get them) and I got the thirteenth radiation on Friday (of twenty-five in total). But the intermediate update became this ‘later’ update due to the fact that I reached the point of feeling 200 years old this last weekend.

Everything was going fine after my chemo Tuesday. I felt rather good. I thought it was a good start of the week so I decided to stay active as the doctor had told me to do. I went to the city with my bike to have lunch with my Dutch friends who visited from Holland on Thursday. My speed was only two miles/hour but physically it felt like I was Lance Armstrong that just finished the tour! I’m lying, sorry Lance, even then you probably felt better then I did that moment :-)) Nevertheless it felt good to be outside. On Friday I figured I’d do the same and make a tour in Leuven. I needed some things and was feeling ok, so why not? In total I was gone about two hours, driving my bike, walking, shopping, resting, resting, resting, resting, resting and resting. By the end of my treatment I think I will have used every bench in the city long enough to write a review about them 🙂 When I came home I took a small nap before my daily radiation.

On Saturday I had a huge repercussion! Let’s call these actions of mine TTA’s (typical Tahon actions, actions that are not very smart or to much) . Why did I have to overdue it on Friday? Really? So of course I got punished! Saturday was extremely shitty. One of my friends came to pick me up for the radiation and afterwards we went to a cozy afternoon with friends in their garden. It was a beautiful day and there I was hanging in a chair with a blanket having hardly the energy to engage in the conversation. (hanging is my new standard position to take when sitting in a chair and I have the perfect excuse to do so and look like bum) There in the garden I looked like an old Romanian woman :-). Too bad I don’t have a picture…  I didn’t stay very long, it was too exhausting. At home around 1800hr I fell asleep for the rest of the evening and night. I slept around 16 hours. The day after on Sunday I thought I felt better but going from my sofa to the kitchen made me take a rest in the kitchen before doing the next thing. I figured this was really very hard and not normal. I found myself minus 400% of my normal physical condition. And it is not a real fatigue that I feel. It is just the body saying: “No, too much, stop, rest.” I don’t have a lack of oxygen or so, it is very strange and difficult to explain.

Monday same story.  While doing the ten minute walk to the radiation I had to go sit down FOUR times!! Can you imaging the shame 🙂 FOUR times!!  Grrrrrrrr, this wakens up a monster inside me!! I do not like that!! But man I am happy that I see my couch again afterwards! Blessed feeling that is!


Luckily I was still hungry. I put eating as my priority. I don’t want my body to fall out of energy to fight. Even if I’m not really hungry I stuff it in anyway!

So let’s say it wasn’t a representative week either. That leaves me with two weeks to have the week that I had in mind because I’m still going for that one of course! And in the meantime I still have my Julius hugs in the morning to make me feel better every day.


1 thought on “A late ‘intermediate evaluation’

  1. He lieverd, dat vermoeid zijn, blijft een #bitch. Ik heb zelf al weken nodig om mijn ‘post’ te lezen… zo kom ik pas weken later hier piepen hoe het met je gaat.
    Fijn om te zien, dat je deze blog blijft volhouden, en je ons deel laat uitmaken van je ups en downs.
    Stom cliché, het gaat voorbij en het betert. Klopt wel, maar daar heb je niks aan, als je ligt te puffen op die bank, omdat je idd geen 10 stappen na elkaar kan zetten. 😕
    Rust, maar roest niet!
    Dikke knuff.


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