Nele never comes without a surprise!

So I started my first week in an absolute combat mode, that was clear and that mindset probably scared some I guess. Nevertheless I figured this is the way to go. Did I know that I would be tested immediately. The first chemo made me a bit fuzzy in my head. Notting new you probably say :-). I was tired the day of the chemo and a bit tired the two days after. I thought that was great because fatigue I can handle physically and mentally but once you start getting sick and get nausea it is less pleasant. Luckily we get pills to avoid that. So it al started good, until….

Friday I went out for a squash game. The fatigue was ok but I had a bit of pain in my stomach and lower back. Obviously I figured that was my upcoming period and the chemo and the radiation. All those things together (and the stress of all those ‘first timers’ ;-)) make that my internal organization was a bit mixed up, so I didn’t really worry. This was all ‘normal’.  The pain continued on Saturday and I started taking the painkillers. But the pain never really went away. Sunday it was bad but I figured I had to be in the hospital on Monday for my radiation anyway so I would wait until then. The night was hell and the day was worse. I didn’t know how to position myself to not be in pain. It took all my strength. I was in so much pain despite the painkillers.  In the morning I took a two hour bath to sooth the pain.



Before every chemo your blood needs to be checked and if it’s not good then you can’t get your chemo. I was a bit worried because f course I knew something wasn’t right. So it seemed on Tuesday when I came to the hospital for the chemo. Although it wasn’t my blood that wasn’t ok. I got the chemo but had to go for other tests. Tests of my kidney. First an echo, then a CT scan. There I had the most unpleasant feelings so far. Very stupid actually but still. So I always have this bladder catheter and in order to see my kidney well they injected a product that makes you pee. Damn! I pee all day long already in the bag. I have that feeling the whole day long, very strange but there it was an even harder peeing feeling. The one you have when you hold it up so long that at a certain moment your bladder seems to explode and then finally you get the overwhelming feeling of being released! THAT feeling I had laying on that table in the donut that makes the scans with my bladder catheter. Seriously guys, the only thing that was on my mind was sitting on a toilet. I wanted to walk away from the machine. It took for ages! That feeling kept on another 15 minutes and was then over.

The result of the scan was a rupture in my left ureter which is the tube that goes from my kidney to my bladder. So basically I had a leak and there was pressure on my kidney and ureter which of course caused all the pain. It was cause by a reaction of my organs on the tumor. Operation was immediately planned the next day. They planted a stent of 24 centimeters in that ureter so that the rupture can heal and there is a  normal passage way for the pee. Again I was astonished with what they can do. I now not only have titanium in my body but also a stent! Soon I’ll really be the female robocop 🙂 And by the way: the stent is called a DJ stent: It really makes my kidney sing again!! (And me very happy again)


ureteric-stent-img.jpg      Unknown.jpeg


Anyway operation succeeded and when I woke up from the recovery I immediately was Nele again. The doctor told me that I seem to be someone who can bite my teeth very good but I can never do that again in this situation. You see, when you have an infection on your kidney or something and you wait to long, this can turn into blood poisoning and that is definitely something we don’t want. I immediately listened to him and promised him to never to that again. That is the reason I handed over myself the first price of biggest idiot on this planet!!

Now up to the next week and if everything goes according to my plan (the normal plan) I will have next week a normal chemo without surprises and no nausea and only some fatigue the first two days. That is the plan!! Let’s go!!

Oh yes, and big thanks for the overload of food (ready in my fridge) that I got from my dear lovely girlfriends and all the re-peeeeeeeee-ct for my mom who is so courageous to sleep in my house close to my big bear Julius (and my cat Bridget) and take care of them while I’m at the hospital. Love you all!!!

We have a serious case of Julius lovin going on!




2 thoughts on “Nele never comes without a surprise!

  1. You are some kind of mix between Wonder Woman and The SuperFirst RobocopFemale honey🙆‍♀️! With a big soul. Go and fight as you know do it dear ! 🙃👍

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