What cancer do I have?

Yes, I didn’t mention the sort of cancer I have yet. The cancer I was diagnosed with is cervical cancer. It has spread all the way up to my belly button so the initial treatment that the professor had proposed: chemotherapy and a hysterectomy was not sufficient anymore. The treatment that I will get is chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Initially seven weeks was said but after my consultation with the two female radiation professors they told me it would be five weeks of chemo and radiation and then the brachytherapy which is an internal radiation.

They will radiate my entire belly up to my midriff five days a week for five weeks. This was a positive point because I always had in mind that it would be seven weeks. This means ten days of radiation less. Less is more ๐Ÿ™‚

The chemo is once a week on Tuesdays normally and I will have to stay the night in the hospital every time. The reason for this is that they have to rinse my body for 18 hours afterwards because the combination chemo and radiation is a lot for a body to take.

I still have the idea that I will go through this time like nothing and I won’t feel a thing about the whole treatment. That this cancer is merely an obnoxious flu that I have to get through. Sometimes however I am confronted with reality by the doctors but again, I try to turn my mind in the other direction as soon as possible. I do stress for the internal radiation though. I have the feeling they will burn my complete vagina with that radiation! I told the sexologist that it is of utmost importance to keep her operational. She is my best friend and I wish not to loose her hahaha!!! That is of course not yet an issue. Day by day, step by step.


Next to the pink ribbon for breast cancer you have ribbons for all sorts of cancer. This one is for cervical cancer: teal and white.

How chemo works ๐Ÿ™‚


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