The day to day approach and keeping a flexible mind.

The professor who is head of the gynecological oncology department told me that I would have a simulation of the radiation on Friday 27th July. Saar went with me to that appointment. Searching the oncology radiation department in the hospital was the first challenge. They are building and changing a lot of things in and around the University Hospital of Leuven. It seemed like my first army dropping searching all the different points :-)! But now I know where to go! I even have a personal badge and three parking lanes are reserved for the oncology radiation patients! What a luxury! 🙂

After a while we got there. In the army we often wait to hurry and we hurry to wait. So many similarities in the hospital hahaha. So we waited to see the professor and have the simulation. Finally the moment was there. Instead of an old professor that I expected to see, we were invited by two young female doctors. And instead of the simulation, this seemed to be a consultation in order to explain what would happen during the radiation. Again I had to change my mindset. Everything stresses me and I put my mind to certain things and they don’t always happen as planned. After all the bad news I got and the fact that I had always hoped it would be good and then changes that occur, I figured it leads to nothing to have a plan in my mind. I have to stay flexible and take it day by day. Only that way, I can cope with those new experiences and I’m not disappointed too much when things don’t go the way I would have thought.

But I wasn’t sad to see the two female doctors. It took them ten minutes to understand that Saar and me are two comedians and that is the way that we approach this situation. So then they were able to laugh as well and I found it extremely good from them that they were able to quickly adapt to their patient. I can imagine that not everybody jokes about cancer and the majority of patients that they encounter are sitting depressed in front of them.

Anyway I told them that they would have to drug me for the internal radiation that takes three days and is at the end of the external radiation therapy. I will have to be in bed for three or four days and I know that is an impossible task for me! Blessed be the Xanax :-):-)

1 thought on “The day to day approach and keeping a flexible mind.

  1. Fijn dat je vrienden er zo voor je zijn.
    Interessant om je blog te volgen want als je er zelf niet mee te maken hebt weet je niet wat er allemaal bij komt kijken.
    👍Veel succes met je behandelingen

    Liked by 1 person

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