My other sidekicks!

As I said, you need a wing person to get through this. Mine is Saar as you all know now. However I don’t wanna forget all the rest of my sidekicks. It are all my sweet friends that have already arranged a complete agenda to accompany me for all my treatments. I might not have a partner but I have the best friends and family ever who stand by me. Al my sweet girlfriends that I can call day and night whenever I need them. They are so many. Although some reactions surprise me. I need the contact and phone calls and all the other things that distract the mind. But I can not expect everybody to do this. I do understand that this monster does not only confronts me, but also many other young people and that not everybody knows how to deal with this. So no hard feelings. I don’t underestimate the impact. Just give me a phone call and take me to dinner hahaha

Not only my family and friends are there for me. I also wanna thank everybody that ever since send me great messages of support. Old friends that I haven’t heard or seen for a long time. New friends that I just met. Colleagues that support me from abroad. My military unit that asks about me and lets me take the time to get rid of of this monster and my colleagues that are always happy to see me when I visit the unit.

Although it is the most individual battle there is, I can say that I have many soldiers by my side and that gives me hope and support. That is exactly what I need. I need them to be there and give me the feeling that I am not alone.

So for sending me all the massages, telephoning me, taking me out of my house: I THANK YOU! It means a lot to me and I need you guys , although I’m the toughest warrior you know 😉


And of course there is my dog Julius and my cat Bridget who are always by my side:


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