In times of darkness there is always sunshine.


When my port-a-cath was placed I had a really shitty day. I was full of stress. I had the radiation simulation where I got tattooed 🙂 and then that operation that seemed to take for ages.

But before the operation Saar and me went to have lunch in the hospital restaurant. She took a little folder out of her bag and told me that the nurse had given it and it was extra info to read. I was a little bit surprised that the hospital administration managed to find a picture of Saar and me but as I read the pages in the folder it all became clear to me. Saar is seven months pregnant and due in October. This was their way (Saar and her man) of asking me to be the godmother of her second child. So creative that it is burnt in my memory forever!

It brightened up that shitty day completely! I thought about the baby during the operation. He already helped me get my mind of of things in a difficult moment. I will be there for him like he was already there for me that day!  But it was his mom that was the sunshine that managed to get through the heavy clouds of that day. So you see, there is always sunshine in times of darkness, that is the truth!

I am so happy!!! Reason enough to fight the cancer motherfucker! (excuse my language but it doesn’t deserve a decent name :-))

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