Distracting the mind.

For me the most important thing is to distract the mind of all this. Some people lock themselves up or tend to cry the whole time. I try not to do that because it serves to nothing. I am lucky because the weather is wonderful. Although I can’t enjoy it to the fullest, it does bring light in my life. Having the sun makes it easier to get out of bed and go outside.

So I have been going out to the city, having dinner and lunches with friends and since there are so many festivals during the summer, there is always something to do. Especially in my fantastic little city Leuven. I have been able to enjoy the World Cup where our Red Devils where the best, the Beleuvenissen, Leive Vloms, and other concerts and events. An luckily it is not finished yet because it is only August 🙂

So my plan is: try to live as normal as possible so I don’t think to much. The trap is that when your mind wonders off, it can go to places that you don’t want to be. If doctor google then also intervenes it becomes a disaster. So no google, but more enjoying the good weather, good friends, family, good food and do whatever I wanna do. And of course I also have time now to write this blog 🙂


After the first bad news I went immediately on vacation to France with my brother, his girlfriend and their kids. I was supposed to go there anyway but doctors appointments changed my whole vacation planning. I decided to drive there anyway, even for five days. Best thing I did then.  I assure you that little girls are experts in getting your mind distracted:


Last week I went for two days to Paris to see the finale of the Tour De France with a friend of mine. That were two new things for me because I hadn’t been in Paris yet and I hadn’t seen the Tour yet. It was such a great idea of him to get me out of here. It was the weekend before the placing of the port-a-cath. I had an awesome weekend and hardly thought a second of what was still to come. This is the way to go!


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