About the wingperson you need!

As everybody that is diagnosed with cancer I of course roam the internet from time to time. When I just heard the news of my cancer I did that for exactly three days and then stopped. The bad news show was everywhere and Doctor google is an asshole!

But now I just check the internet for explanations about my treatment and everything I have to go through. So in one of the texts I read about the wingperson you need during your battle. She or he is your sidekick, the one who gets you through it all. My head got in a blur when the doctor told me about the cancer. I heard nothing else anymore. Then I called my family to tell them about the news. The next person I called was Saar.

Saar is my sidekick, she has stood by me ever since. She takes over when my mind gets blocked. Not only your life stops but also the mind. With Saar I tackle this alien. We have the same extreme humour and shock the doctors every time again. So without my wingwoman Saar, the story would be a whole lot different!


4 thoughts on “About the wingperson you need!

  1. Good humor makes all things tolerable. That is my family’s motto. I’ve discovered it’s also a formidable weapon. Sounds like you have the perfect wingman for this battle.

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