The PET scan!

They say getting a PET scan is like getting into a giant donut. It actually is! Only less fun. This was a completely new experience for me.

First of all: I hate hospitals. I have done everything to avoid them as much as possible. Unfortunately I find myself in a situation that is completely out of my comfort zone and where I will have to accept that this is for the upcoming period my ‘new’ life.

Luckily I have good friends that accompany me with every new experience I will have to go through. My first meeting with the professor, I had my friend Saar with me and this time it was Greet that was joining me. I had read that a PET scan takes about four hours. I was very happy that that wasn’t the case. When the nurse put me on the I.V. he asked me about my job. I guess he was trying to be nice. I said to him that if I told him what my job is, I would have to kill him. In a strange way the I.V. hurt more than usual :-). After that you have to drink three cups of a sort of fluid and then they inject radioactive glucoses into your body. The cancer cells use this glucoses and this is how cancer cells are seen on a PET scan. I was in the machine only about twenty minutes, so after all it went pretty quick. This had to be a good result!



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