First step: MRSA

My first step was getting the news off course. Then you get swiped into the rollercoaster of medical exams, tests and treatments.I have the absolute luck to have such a good group of family and friends surroundings me. One of them and she is definitely not the least, is Saar. She accompanied me when I got the results of my first scan. She is the best ever. She makes me laugh even in bad times. When we got to the anaesthetist, he told me to wiggle around in my nose holes with a big ear stick. Apparently this is done to check for then multi resistant staphylococcus aureus or in other words the hospital bacteria. I told Saar not to use it against me but she was laughing her ass off on the floor. In a split second we were both laughing so hard. The anaesthetist and his assistant did not know what to say and looked at us like we were some strange species. But then again, seen the circonstances, maybe we are…

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