The battle: Nele vs Cancer!

Since last week I know that I have cervical cancer. That wasn’t quite the plan in my life. I’ve had some bad luck in my life before but this really tops it all.When I was nineteen I was confronted with a deep vein thrombosis. It shocked the hell out of me and all the doctors in the hospital because I was so young. It turned out to be an unfortunate consequence of different factors. Birth control, the pill, pneumonia and some genetic sensitivity to thromboses. All the veins in my leg were damaged and walking hurt like hell. Thanks to blood thinners I cured but stayed sensitive to thromboses the rest of my life.A second life challenge was when I was 21 years old. I was accepted in the army and busy following training in the infantry school to become an NCO. One morning my boyfriend (who was also in the training) and I drove to the barracks when a big truck decided not to stop for the red light. He totalled our car and partly us. My arm was screwed together with the necessary titanium and I couldn’t eat for a week because my jaw was loose. My boyfriend had an open leg fracture which caused quite some hassle because he was a paratrooper and with metal in his leg he wasn’t allowed to jump. Unfortunately he died about six months later after his recovery in another car accident. He was only 24 years old. The next struggle was the one to have a baby. Despite several IVF treatments and three donor inseminations, I did not have the luck to get pregnant. Unfortunately I aborted one when I was 25. I was at the beginning of my military career, still too young in my head and not ready to devote my life to a baby at that time. If I only would have known…… But should of, would of, could of…. But now we are at the reason of my blog. A week ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. That hit me really hard, cause I am only 40 and in a very good physical condition. I don’t smoke, I eat healthy and the only thing that is not the best is that I like alcohol and sometime I really just let myself go and have fun. This only even happens occasionally. One can start to wonder why someone like this gets cancer. This blog will be the journey of my fight against this asshole disease called cancer. I did not ask to be member of that club, so I will not be forced to do so.I will try to highlight the funny moments of my journey. By doing this I wanna show that inner positive strength is the best way to win this war.


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